image of moneyThe Bureau of Purchase and Supplies is responsible for purchasing materials, equipment and supplies for all Westchester County departments.

We strive to obtain the best overall value for taxpayers. To that end, the county initiated a Shared Services program. The goal is to share services and create cooperative contracts. Already, local governments, school districts and fire districts can benefit from our purchasing power, because they are allowed access to our purchasing contracts.

As we create new opportunities for savings, we plan on sharing them with you.

Whether you're a vendor, a county department, or a local government within Westchester County, we hope you'll find this information helpful. Please contact us with your questions, comments, and suggestions.

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Local Governments and Schools Save
Let's save money. Sharing government's purchasing power is all about working together to produce true savings in time and money through either piggybacking or cooperative contracts.

The county's Cooperative Purchasing program is an economical approach designed to realize savings for local governments, schools and fire districts across the county. Learn more

image for public vehicle auction
Westchester County sells vehicles that are not economically feasible for the county to repair.

Our on-line auctions draw a variety of bidders, from owners of body repair shops to taxi cab companies to private citizens, who find it worth their while to fix the vehicles or use them for spare parts. Learn more

Buying Green
Buying Green
Westchester county is committed to purchasing Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP). This means procuring products or services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services. Learn more
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eBay Auctions of Surplus Goods
Under county law, Westchester County must auction off usable surplus goods to the highest bidder. Traditionally, this was done through public auctions or sealed bids.

In 2004, eBay became our third auction venue. Go to our listings to see the latest offerings in surplus computer equipment, furniture, and some unusal items you may not find elsewhere. Learn more