Formal bids (RFBs) are advertised in The Journal News, as well as posted below. Go to The Empire State Purchasing Group's Web site in order to view bid opportunities.

We encourage anyone wanting to do business with Westchester County to register online.

If you require assistance on The Empire site, call technical support at (800) 835-4601 option #1 and reference the Empire State Purchasing Group.

RFB documents may also be obtained in person between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the Westchester County Bureau of Purchase and Supplies office at the address below:

148 Martine Avenue, Room 713
White Plains, NY 10601
Tel: (914) 231-1872.


Or you may obtain copies by e-mail through our RFB/RFQ request form.

RFB NumberTitleDue DateBuyer
RFB-WC-18151 Industrial Engine Parts 06/13/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-18152 Pump Parts 06/13/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-18155 Cerilliant Products 06/13/18 Marc Goldenberg
RFB-WC-18156 Roll Assemblies 06/13/18 Marc Goldenberg
RFB-WC-18162 Wheeled Stretchers 06/18/18 Dianne Munro
RFB-WC-18166 Telecom Equipment 06/18/18 Marc Goldenberg
RFB-WC-18167 Full Size Sport Utility Vehicles 06/18/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-16168 Pump Parts 06/18/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-18157 Pump Equipment 06/19/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-18159 Aimpoint Micro T-2 06/19/18 Dianne Munro
RFB-WC-18164 Medium Duty Trucks 06/19/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-18160 Pump Parts 06/20/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-18161 Pneumatic Indicating Controllers 06/20/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-18163 Repair & Maintenance of Fitness Equipment 06/20/18 Steven Pirone
RFB-WC-18165 Vehicle Storage Compartments 06/20/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-18169 Truck Options 06/21/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-18170 Passenger Boarding Bridges 06/22/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-18174 Crye Precision Combat Pants 06/26/18 Steven Pirone
RFB-WC-18175 Nissan OEM Parts 06/26/18 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-18178 Range Systems 06/26/18 Dianne Munro
RFB-WC-18176 Flex LED Luminaires 06/27/18 Steven Pirone
RFB-WC-18177 Tower Battery Replacements 06/27/18 Marc Goldenberg