While we strive to maintain transparency in these challenging times we will continue to hold public bid openings electronically, via Webex.

Join the Webex online meeting

Join by phone

US Toll: +1( 415) 655-0001

United States Toll Free: 1 (844) 621-3956

Access code: 617 666 123

Formal bids (RFBs) are advertised in The Journal News, as well as posted below. Go to The Empire State Purchasing Group in order to view bid opportunities.










 We encourage anyone wanting to do business with Westchester County to register online.

If you require assistance on The Empire site, call technical support at (800) 835-4601 option #1 and reference the Empire State Purchasing Group.

RFB documents may be obtained in person between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the Westchester County Bureau of Purchase and Supplies office at the address below:

148 Martine Avenue, Room 713
White Plains, NY 10601
Tel: (914) 231-1872

Important Note: You may obtain RFB documents by e-mail through the RFB request form. However, you must enter all the details of the RFB(s), from the table below, that you'd like to receive, into the form's Comments field. If no details are provided, we cannot fulfill your request.

Once you have copied the RFB details -- access, complete and submit the RFB request form.

RFB details required when submitting request form
RFB NumberTitleDue DateBuyer
RFB-WC-20124 Wastewater Treatment Equipment 04/30/20 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-20111 Pump Equipment 04/02/20 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-20127 Salt Brine Production System 04/07/20 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-20128 Filter Press Parts 04/14/20 Marc Goldenberg
RFB-WC-20129 Wireless Humidity Detector 04/14/20 Marc Goldenberg
RFB-WC-20132 Locksmith Supplies 04/14/20 Steve Pirone
RFB-WC-20134 Ammunition 04/14/20 Jim Ferrara
RFB-WC-20135 Pump Parts 04/14/20 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-20137 Daktronics Monitors 04/14/20 Marc Goldenberg
RFB-WC-20130 Splicer Kit 04/16/20 Marc Goldenberg
RFB-WC-20131 Ortonics Supplies 04/16/20 Marc Goldenberg
RFB-WC-20133 Schneider Controls with Display 04/14/20 Steve Pirone
RFB-WC-20136 Roots Rotary Blowers 04/16/20 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-20138 Portable X-Ray System 04/16/20 Marc Goldenberg
RFB-WC-20126 Lab Standard Methods Supplies 04/21/20 Marc Goldenberg