As of May 30th,  2023 Public Bid Openings will be resuming at:

County of Westchester
Bureau Of Purchase and Supplies
148 Martine Avenue, Room 713
White Plains, New York 10601

Formal bids (RFBs) are advertised in The Journal News, as well as posted below. Go to The Empire State Purchasing Group in order to view bid opportunities.

 We encourage anyone wanting to do business with Westchester County to register online.

If you require assistance on The Empire site, call technical support at (800) 835-4601 option #1 and reference the Empire State Purchasing Group.

RFB documents may be obtained in person between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the Westchester County Bureau of Purchase and Supplies office at the address below:

148 Martine Avenue, Room 713
White Plains, NY 10601
Tel: (914) 231-1872

Important Note: You may obtain RFB documents by e-mail through the RFB request form. However, you must enter all the details of the RFB(s), from the table below, that you'd like to receive, into the form's Comments field. If no details are provided, we cannot fulfill your request.

Once you have copied the RFB details -- access, complete and submit the RFB request form.

RFB details required when submitting request form
RFB NumberTitleDue DateBuyer
RFB-WC-23361 Police Helicopter 10/03/2023 Martin Connolly 
RFB-WC-23372  Full Size Hybrid SUV's  09/26/23  Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-23376  LED High Bay Fixtures 150W  09/26/23  Steven Pirone
RFB-WC-23378  Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits  09/26/23  Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-23381  Compost Screener  10/03/23  Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23384  Pump Equipment  09/26/23  Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23373  Hybrid Mini Vans  09/27/23  Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-23375  LED High Bay Fixtures 240W  09/27/23  Steven Pirone
RFB-WC-23377  IPADS  09/27/23  Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23377  IPADS for Sale  09/27/23  Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23379  Construction Equipment Parts & Maintenance  09/27/23  Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-23385  Pump Parts  09/27/23  Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23374  Asphalt Paver  09/28/23  Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-23380  Centrifugal Fan  09/28/23  Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23382  M-B Snow Broom Parts  09/28/23  Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-23383  Pump Parts  09/28/23  Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23225B  Road Treatment System Parts  09/29/23  Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-23386 Pump Equipment 10/03/23 Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23389 Stage Down Lighting System 10/03/23 Janice Duarte
RFB-WC-23392 Drone 10/03/23 Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23396 Pump Parts 10/03/23 Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23400 Weighing Platform 10/03/23 Steven Pirone
RFB-WC-23402 Portable HAZ-MAT Tanker Simulator 10/03/23 Janice Duarte
RFB-WC-23405 Sonexis Support Renewal 10/03/23 Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23387 Carbon Drum Filters 10/04/23 Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23390 Fiber and Patch Cords 10/04/23 Michael D'Agostino
RFB-WC-23394 Pump Equipment 10/04/23 Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23397 Grid Paver For Parking Lot 10/04/23 Martin Connolly
RFB-WC-23398 Aircraft Tow Tractors 10/04/23 Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23403 Radiation Monitor Replacement 10/04/23 Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23388 Wheel Loader Rental 10/05/23 Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23391 Roots Blower Repair 10/05/23 Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23395 Traffic Radar Devices 10/05/23 Martin O'Sullivan
RFB-WC-23399 Folger Adams Dead Bolts 10/05/23 Steven Pirone
 RFB-WC-23401  LED Strip Luminaires  10/05/23  Steven Pirone
 RFB-WC-23404  Absorbent & Drain Covers  10/05/23  Martin O'Sullivan